Did 905-668-1511 try calling you? That was US! 9056681511

Did you just get a call from 905-668-1511 and then google searched 9056681511?

Thanks for doing a google search for 905-668-1511 which is our phone number and it is not a spam call from some random call center. We are the Dan Plowman Team home to the #1 Realtor in the Durham Region, Dan Plowman. You probably made a request for some more information about real estate in the Durham Region so when you searched 9056681511 it brought you to our website DanPlowman.com.

Dan Plowman is the #1 Realtor with the most homes sold EVER in the Durham Region

You got a call from 905-668-1511 so you typed 9056681511 or similar into Google.

Moving back to the purpose of this page. You received a call from the number 905-668-1511 and found yourself wondering if you should search this number online before answering or returning the call? You entered the phone number 905-668-1511 or 9056681511 into a Google search and it led you here

We were actually calling you back because you had probably requested some more information about a houses for sale in Oshawa or maybe you have a home in whitby to sell. We do not just cold call random phone numbers so there is a reason for our call.

Dan Plowman and the Dan Plowman Team have helped 1000's of people just like yourself navigate the real estate market.

Our goal is provide world class real estate services across the Durham Region. We live and work in this incredible region. That is why we were calling you from 905-668-1511

Feel free to call or text us back at 905-668-1511 or you can click here for selling your home and check our our free home sellers guide

Added Bonus: if you are not ready to call 905-668-1511 or 9056681511 just yet and you are still in that information collection stage you can click here for buying a home and check our our free home buyers guide. When you are ready we will be here at 905-668-1511 to take your phone call

In summary this page is here to clarify that the phone call you received from 905-668-1511 is legitimate. It is not spam or a random call center but from the office of Dan Plowman, the #1 Realtor in the Durham Region. We contacted you in response to your request for information on Durham Region real estate.