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Forward-thinking living. Discover exciting new developments across the Greater Toronto Area, and be the first to secure your new property. From luxurious condos for city-dwelling professionals, to modern townhomes and single-family homes for the growing, suburban family, there are ample opportunities for the prospective homebuyer. Be a part of a new neighbourhood or subdivision in spectacular locations, with luxurious amenities offered. Plus, new construction homes often offer special incentives and interior/exterior upgrades, making these great investments for the savvy buyer.

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New construction townhome in Durham Region neighbourhoodDurham Region & Greater Toronto Area New Builds

Perhaps the greatest benefit of purchasing a new construction (or new build) property is the opportunity for a smart investment. While many homebuyers see the appeal of being the very first resident of that home, a new build also means that property value can grow over time. This has been shown time and time again in market trends. 

As many of the communities across the Greater Toronto Area continue to expand, this means new developments for sale are always popping up on the market. The new build category encompasses a range of property types, including condos and townhomes, although single-family homes are often the most prevalent. This, of course, also depends on the city or community. For those searching for modern condos, the larger cities, such as Toronto or Oshawa, are typically the best places to start.

Because the real estate market across the GTA is quite hot, home prices continue to rise, and many first-time homebuyers find new developments appealing. In many cases, a homebuyer may purchase a new single-family home to suit their growing family, or a condo to lock in a competitive price on a great new location. Townhomes for sale, as well, are becoming more and more popular with buyers, and suit a variety of lifestyles. 

Additionally, new builds are, by definition, new. This offers some security to buyers who are searching for their dream home. The feeling of being the first one to ever live in that home is a desirable one. As well, there is generally less risk associated with a new build, in regards to home inspections. However, new builds tend to be quite modern in their design, and for those searching for a home with charm and character, this may not be best choice. 

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Durham Region & Greater Toronto Area New Build Lifestyle

A new build home, townhome, or condo in the GTA means a brand new neighbourhood that grows with you. Especially for families, new subdivisions and developments allow for the opportunity to build a welcoming, friendly community with those next door. You watch the kids grow up with the neighbourhood. Additionally,  new build homes offer the opportunity for an excellent investment. Whether searching for a condo, townhome, or single-family home, new builds provide sleek finishes, neighbourhoods with growing curb appeal, and the chance to see home value increase over time.

New build homes for sale also have many of the modern conveniences that are so desirable in a property. From large backyards in single-family homes to high-end condo amenities such as in-building gyms and pools, the new build lifestyle is one of conveniences and comforts. On the other hand, townhomes and single-family homes are situated in new neighbourhoods, with schools, parks, and community services located close by. As the interiors and exteriors are brand new, this settles a lot of the anxieties about homeownership that many first-time (or even second and third-time) buyers might feel. 

Upcoming and new developments can be found all across the Durham Region and the GTA, in communities such as OshawaPickering, and Bowmanville.

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