The various parks, wildlife reserves, and boardwalks found on Lake Ontario is a key reason why Oshawa is so special. There is still sought after waterfront property available here in Oshawa, although the properties sell very fast.

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Oshawa Waterfront Homes

Oshawa is one of the largest communities in the Durham Region, and it also has one of the longest stretches of shoreline along Lake Ontario. Most of the waterfront land is protected in one way or another, which is fantastic, but it means the opportunity to live on the water is limited. It’s competitive, but there are options.

Stone Street and Muskoka Avenue are two very famous streets in Oshawa that offer waterfront property with stunning views of Lake Ontario. Exciting lake life within a thriving city can be yours in Oshawa, Ontario.

Kiwanis Heydenshore Park and Lakefront Park West are two of the protected areas where you can enjoy amazing places to explore, but no homes for sale. Waterfront homes on Stone St, near Farewell Creek, and surrounding the Oshawa Harbour are where most of the waterfront homes will be listed.

There are also a few creeks that weave their way through Oshawa where neighbourhood streets are built beside. Maybe not exactly waterfront, but living along the water still means a tranquil environment to live in. Oshawa Creek is the main waterway through Oshawa, and parks, golf courses, and conservation areas also follow the creek.