Tammy Lewis, Sales Representative

Tammy is a lifelong resident of the Durham Region and often remarks that she feels like a lifelong resident of the local real estate industry as well! Entering the business in 1984, Tammy began her career on the secretarial side of operations so she has a deep understanding of the key components that impact every transaction and the multitude of steps that require fulfillment from the time the listing paperwork gets signed until well after the boxes have been unpacked. 

Tammy has developed the skills and systems that streamline the moving process for her clients, ensuring that each transaction is dealt with in an enjoyable, hassle free fashion and to the very highest level of her clients' satisfaction. A stickler for accuracy, timeliness and efficiency, Tammy has successfully negotiated a profusion of contracts over the course of her lauded career, and brings a wealth of experience to the table for the clients she represents. 

With uncompromising consistency, Tammy has cultivated a reputation in the industry for scrupulous ethics and reliable results. Her core competency is in servicing her community - the neighbourhoods, amenities and history that knows so very well and can speak to with impressive ease and insight. A strong sales background has made Tammy a sought after commodity in the industry and beloved among her past and present clients.

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