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Now that remote working has become the norm in most places around the globe, many people are seeing the value in having a dedicated home office where they can be productive and get work done. 

Working from home is a trend that isn’t likely to fade away any time soon, so it’s no surprise that homeowners and home buyers are now looking at home offices as key selling points in Durham Region real estate

Creating the perfect home office is so much more than just setting up a desk and a chair in a corner of the house. Ideally you want to create a workspace that is comfortable, convenient, and will help hone focus. 

That being said, you don’t need to do massive renovations to add an office in your home. These are some tips on how to create the perfect home office even if you have limited space to work with.

Choose a Quiet Spot

It would be nice to have an entire room you can use as a dedicated office, but that’s not always possible. If space in your home is scarce, try to choose a quiet spot that will get the least amount of distractions.

Avoid high traffic areas where people and pets might constantly walk through. Think about what areas of your home are least used and see if you can make those spaces work for you. For example, a pantry, alcove, or space under the stairs can double as an office space.

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

If you’re going to be sitting for long periods of time, it pays to invest in an ergonomic chair. Not only will you be able to work from home much more comfortably, but you’ll also save yourself from developing back pain and posture problems down the road. 

An ergonomic chair can also have a psychological effect because it adds a sense of legitimacy to a home office. A good office chair looks more professional, which can put you in a productive mindset. And if you’re selling your home, an office chair is a great home staging tool.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

If possible, try to set up your home office in an area that gets natural light. Studies show that people who are exposed to natural light are more productive and creative, experience fewer eye problems, and are generally happier all around.

Try placing your desk next to a window or under a skylight. If that’s not possible, you may want to consider hanging a mirror to reflect natural light towards the workspace. If you have very little to no natural light coming in at all, consider installing full-spectrum light bulbs that simulate natural light.

Get Organized

A well-organized, clutter-free workspace will do wonders for clearing the mind and keeping you focused. When setting up your home office, clear out a designated space that gives you room to move and space for the tools of your trade.

If you have to store files, books, or other items, consider investing in some shelves for your home office. If you’re tight on space, floating shelves are great because they utilize wall space while leaving the floor clear and free.

Create a Calming Effect

Let’s face it—work can be stressful. It helps to have a calming workspace where you can think clearly and destress a bit. There are a number of ways you can make your home office a little bit more serene. Soft lighting, touches of greenery, and comfortable furnishings can all help.

Whether you’re planning on using your home office on a day-to-day basis or just want a quiet space where you can escape to every once in a while, a comfortable, clean and calm home office can add value to your life and your home. 

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