Water rushing with trees in the background

Bowmanville is a charming city right on the lake with roots in art and entertainment and a rich history you can sense throughout. 

Only 76 kilometres east of Toronto via the Ontario 401 Express, you truly get the best of both worlds with the charm of this smaller waterfront town and the proximity of bustling Toronto whenever you’re missing a bit of the excitement. 

Tight-Knit Community

The breathtaking Lake Ontario surrounds Bowmanville which makes for stunning scenic views as well as the peace and relaxation of living right on a waterfront in a peaceful and safe community which Bowmanville prides itself on. 

Speaking of peace and relaxation, the waterfront isn’t all that Bowmanville has encompassing it, on the other ends is the incredible…

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Girl with a dog in a dog-friendly park in the Durham Region of Ontario

If you’re living in the Durham Region then you know that there are plenty of green spaces for you to enjoy on a sunny day out from conservation areas to parks, to open fields, and much more. 

However, just because there are open green spaces doesn’t mean they’re necessarily dog-friendly or a place you can safely let your dog out off of the leash. 

While this is the case, there are plenty of beautiful parks and areas all over Durham, specifically designed to make both you and your pup’s lives easier with dog-friendly designated spaces that are enclosed so they can run around freely. 

Today we’ll be naming just a few dog-friendly parks in Durham to get you started so you can plan a nice day out with your dog no matter where you live. 

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Exterior of a luxury home with a pool

So you want to buy a luxury home, that sounds like an exciting and great idea, but where do you start? 

Every homebuyer has a certain checklist of things they want in their head, from things they can compromise on to others they absolutely can’t. 

Now while this is in the mind of every homebuyer, it’s even more emphasized for luxury home buyers due to the price point they’re paying at and the value they want in return for it.

Today we’re helping you envision your dream home with 5 luxury home features buyers want most. 

5 Luxury Home Features Buyers Want Most

Location Is Key

Luxury homes are considered luxury for a reason, and it isn’t just the interior of the home but what’s right outside your front doorstep that’s just as…

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