Oshawa, like all of the communities in the Durham Region, has a rich history in Ontario.

The celebration of arts and culture is ever present because of this, and with growing populations that appreciate these things more than ever, it’s reflected in the food scene as well. Coffee is no exception.

People love their coffee, and whether it is for functionality, enjoying it with others, or simply the taste of it, passion for espresso never seems to wane.

That is exactly the reason so many terrific coffee shops can be found throughout the entirety of the Durham Region. Downtowns are vibrant with business, and residents love exploring them, and stopping in for a cup of coffee is a daily routine for many.

If you live here, you likely already know…

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For so many reasons, the Durham Region is a very popular area for families looking to buy a home.

Every community here is unique, with family friendly places to go and things to do. Commuting is easy for the household, streets are quiet and safe, and larger metropolitan cities are always just a short drive away.

What also makes the Durham Region, and the communities and neighbourhoods within it, such an ideal home for families of all sizes, are the schools available here.

Many cities in the Durham Region, like Oshawa, Pickering, and Clarington, have a population of roughly 100,000 people and more. This creates a large demand for enough schools to serve every type of student with high quality education.

Nearly all of the students in the…

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Beautiful backyard patio at a Durham Region home

Canada has its stretches of tough winter months, but there are areas that have hot, sunny, and long summers.

The Durham Region in Southern Ontario is known for its incredible summer season. This isn’t just because the weather is bright and hot, but there are also so many ways to enjoy it.

The beautiful countryside has rolling hills and open areas, pools and patios are ideal for backyard entertaining, and of course, Lake Ontario provides some of the best views and recreational activities in the province.

For home buyers and home owners that live in the Durham Region, their outdoor space provides an amazing way to enjoy it all in privacy. Most single family homes here offer fenced-in, spacious backyards with different features, like an…

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A commute is the journey one takes from their home, to work, and then back home again.

For many people, this is a daily routine and a lifestyle that seems to be becoming more popular as property prices remain higher in city centres. Whether by car or transit, commuting to work in the city from a surrounding community has many benefits.

The Durham Region is a regional municipality in Southern Ontario. Located to the east of Toronto, the Durham Region covers more than 2500 square kilometres, with many large cities located within it as well, like Oshawa.

Living in a major city like Toronto has its advantages, but living in the Durham Region gives residents quick access to Toronto and so much more. Most families appreciate the quieter lifestyle,…

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