Smart home device being used in a home

We simply can’t ignore the fact that we’ve moved on to an increasingly technology centric and necessary world. 

This stems from all factors of life including entertainment purposes such as video games and tablets, to smart cars designed to drive for you, to home security smart systems that can be controlled from a swipe of your phone. 

While all of these technologies offer a variety of benefits and, frankly, incredible uses that would have been inconceivable years ago, most boil down to one concept - convenience. 

This convenience has spread itself deep within the very confines of where we would typically need it most - our homes of course. 

Today we’ll be covering a few of the many amazing smart home gadgets many consider a must need for…

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For Sale sign with 'sold overasking' added on

The Durham Region real estate market has been at an all time high ever since the pandemic hit and people began moving out of Toronto and into smaller communities in the 905 region. Over the past two years, housing prices have skyrocketed in the Durham Region with many homes selling for well over the $1 million price point. However, that may all be changing.

A recent report from the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board shows that median house prices in suburbs outside of Toronto are actually declining. Between the months of February and March, median house prices in the Durham Region dropped 7.2%. But does this mean that the real estate bubble has burst and we can expect to see a continuous decline going forward?

Dan Plowman recently spoke with…

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4 people hiking on a mountain

The weather is finally getting warmer and you’re looking for some exciting summer activities to do with friends or family, or even on your own. 

Everyone loves the beach, or tanning on a nice boat, or even kayaking on the beautiful lakes that Ontario has to offer, especially cottage country including Muskoka and Haliburton. 

But how about an amazing summer activity that’s also great for you physically, offers breathtaking views, and is one of the most rewarding year-round activities one can do?

That’s right - hiking is a beloved summer activity not just around Ontario, but all of Canada has to offer some of the most beautiful sights on simple or challenging trails that are more than invigorating. 

We’ve come up with just 5 of the many…

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Beautiful building in Oshawa

So you’re looking at a beautiful city nestled right on the white sandy shores of the scenic Lake Ontario, known as the eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area, Oshawa is a true beauty of southern Ontario. 

Oshawa is no longer just a bedroom community, with economic prosperity leading to a boom in the real estate market and a rise in popularity of families and young professionals moving to the area, Oshawa has much to offer. 

A beautiful waterfront city that’s only a short drive away from the more fast-paced Toronto, Oshawa is a lively city with a great entertainment industry as well as one of a kind views. 

With plenty of job opportunities and more affordable real estate than the neighbouring Toronto market, it’s no wonder why people are…

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Waterfront home on Lake Ontario in the Durham Region, Ontario

Owning a lakefront home is a dream for many people. After all, who wouldn’t want to wake up every day to views of the water right on your doorstep. However, what many people don’t realize is that waterfront homes require a bit of extra effort to ensure that they retain their value. If you own a lakefront home in the Durham Region, these are some maintenance tips to keep your home safe, secure and comfortable throughout the seasons.

Temperature Control

Temperatures in the Durham Region can fluctuate wildly with summers being hot and humid and winters dropping well below freezing. A good HVAC system can help keep your home comfortable inside and protected against damage such as freezing pipes or the development of mold and rust. Be sure to service…

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