Greater Toronto Area home with snow during the winter

Let’s face it—Durham Region winters can be rough. Between temperatures in the double-digit negatives and snow storms that cause traffic headaches, many of us feel like winter is best when we’re inside the house. 

Of course, as the new year rolls around, we also might find ourselves in the process of selling our home, in order to move in by the springtime. What do you do when you have to have an open house in the winter? Here are our tips and tricks for Durham Region winter open houses. 

High Traffic Means Many Messes

When hosting an open house, it is expected that you’ll have a number of people walking through your front door. And, additionally, you’ll have people likely in every room of your house, exploring. 

Even if there isn’t any snow, there’s usually salt outside in the winter—and this means a lot of potential for messes. We all know how salt can cling to your shoes! Thus, keeping your home clean can be a bit of a challenge.

You’ll want to clear an area by the front door for people to keep their shoes. Placing a boot tray or wipeable mat down can also be beneficial for keeping snow, slush, and salt contained. Encouraging guests to wipe their shoes outside on a doormat will also reduce those messes.

 As is the nature of open houses, there may be many people visiting at one time, and you’ll want to account for that in regards to space—boots take up a lot of room!

Monitor The Weather

Last year, Oshawa and Whitby in particular saw some heavy snowfall, but the Durham Region did also see a few weather advisory warnings. The weather can change quite drastically here sometimes, and it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast. 

Before your open house, you’ll want to monitor the weather—for the days leading up to it, and on the day itself. Should there be snow, you’ll want to make sure that your driveway and walkways are accessible for visitors. 

On occasion, there may even be ice. Putting down salt or sand (which provides traction but doesn’t melt the ice) helps prevent slips and slides. Keep everyone safe and happy by shoveling the snow and making sure your front door is easy to get to!

Set The Right Feeling

If you’ve never had an open house before, you’ll first want to make sure that your home is free of personalized items (for example, photos, documents, and clutter). Tuck anything that you don’t want people to see away from view, and put anything sensitive (i.e. files, work-related things, valuables) away. 

But for cold days in winter, you’ll also want to ensure that your home is welcoming, and that means setting the right temperature. Make sure that your home is warm and inviting while your open house is in progress. While temperature is a very personal preference, as a general rule, you’ll want your home to be a pleasant temperature—but avoid setting your thermostat too high!

For those who wish to go above and beyond, festive or seasonal-appropriate scents might just add that little bit of oomph. Whether this is the warm smell of cookies in the oven (monitored, of course) or a potpourri centerpiece on your living room table, having a great-smelling home is always a plus. Just keep it light, so as to not overwhelm your guests. As well, candles are not advisable—we wouldn’t want any accidents.

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