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You know what they say: New year, new you! While your personal goals might include going to the gym more often, eating healthier, or taking more time for yourself and your hobbies, there’s another part of your life you should be thinking about: your home!

What exactly does a new year’s resolution for your home entail? Well, think of it like this: have you ever put off something you needed to do because you didn’t have enough time? This is the part where you finally tackle things around the house that need to be done… and we’re here to remind you of them!

Say Goodbye To Clutter

The first step this year, and perhaps the most daunting task on this list, is to clean up the clutter around your home. For some, this may be a quick thing to check off your list! But for others, this might take some time—which is likely why you’ve put off doing it for so long.

Take some time this year to go through the different spaces in your home—and remember you don’t have to clear out everything at once! You might start with an office and begin to organize your papers and documents at the beginning of the year, and then clear out the garage when spring rolls around. And as any Durham Region resident knows, there’s probably a lot of winter stuff that needs to be put away when we finally get some warmer weather!

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

This is the year where you finally take the plunge and purchase the energy-saving options for your home. Many of us have wanted to make the switch to more sustainable options for a while, but have likely been put off by the slightly-higher price points of some of these items.

But 2023 is the time to invest… and you can start small here, too! Consider switching to more energy-efficient appliances gradually, if this is what works for you. Or, change out your light bulbs when they eventually burn out—as you’ll need to get new ones regardless.

You might also consider some high-tech upgrades, such as smart thermostats, power savers, or energy monitors, that can help save you energy and, in the long-run, money.

Tackle Those Repairs

Oh yes—you can put it off for no longer! Schedule in some time in the near future (better sooner rather than later!) for you to make the necessary repairs around the house. 

Sometimes, we put off even the simplest of tasks, not only because of time, but because we think, “Well, it’s not that big of a deal.” The loose cabinet or clogged drain are usually quicker fixes than we think. It’s also better to do these repairs now rather than to put them off for very long, as they can then grow into larger problems than you started with initially.

Don’t Forget The Outside!

While it’s great to make a checklist of all the things you need to do inside the home, you don’t want to forget about the outside! The Durham Region can get quite cold in winter and quite hot in summer (although the lakefront communities of Ajax or Oshawa tend to be milder), which means there’s always some exterior maintenance.

Make a note of any damage that may have been caused to the exterior of your home from the winter, either by the weather or even by animals. As well, 2023 is the year where you make some landscaping improvements. Whether this is simple things, such as planting a few flowers, or more ambitious projects, such as building a deck or patio, spruce up the front and back yard this year—for you’ll definitely enjoy it when it’s completed!

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