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Looking to sell your home can be an exciting, yet intimidating task. Even in a seller’s market, you want to get the best value for your home as possible. 

After all, chances are you’ve lived in this home for years, potentially even have seen your family grow in it, you don’t want to give it up without the best deal you can get. 

There are many different aspects that go into getting the best value for your home, from how it physically looks, to what the actual market is like in your area, to what demographic will be interested, and much more. 

But what is certainly understated and often misunderstood, is when the best time of the year is to sell your home. 

Yes, it makes sense as to why spring would be a perfect time as it’s freshly coming out of winter when potential buyers do not like to move in. 

However, an underrated but very popular time of the year that would be great to sell is summer, we’re here to let you know about a few key reasons as to why. 

The Benefits Of Selling Your Home In The Summer Video

Curb Appeal Is At An All-Time High

While spring may seem perfect as the flowers begin to bloom and the green of the grass begins to reveal itself, summer is truly when the beauty of a home is at an all-time high. 

In the spring, you may still be recovering from post winter climate changes, such as the lawns not having had enough time to have been manicured and maintained. 

You may have wanted to grow some flowers in the front yard, or even plan some shrubbery that would not have had the time necessary to show itself through. 

Summer is the perfect time when moods are raised. Potential home buyers can see the beauty of your home in its fullest with the sun shining through the windows in full force and the pool in the backyard out in full display. 

Perfect Time For Renovations 

In the spring, you simply may not have yet had enough time to focus on all the post winter renovations you held off on doing for months. 

There is even the issue of potential problems that arose during the winter months such as roofing, gutters, or even replacing your HVAC system. 

The spring is usually a hasty time to get to all of these renovations, as you’re more than likely still recovering from winter and are waiting for the perfect weather to get started. 

More renovations only means increasing the value of your home, remember that renovations into your home is an investment into what you get back. 

Buyers Are Motivated

While it may depend on where you live whether the peak season for selling your home is in the spring or summer, one thing you’re guaranteed of is that buyers will be more motivated in the summer months. 

In the spring, people may not be as motivated as they know they could push their home searching to the summer in the absolute worst case. 

However, most people do not want to look to buy in the colder months of the year, especially pushing into winter. 

So a motivated market means more people willing to pay the price that is needed for your home. 

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