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We simply can’t ignore the fact that we’ve moved on to an increasingly technology centric and necessary world. 

This stems from all factors of life including entertainment purposes such as video games and tablets, to smart cars designed to drive for you, to home security smart systems that can be controlled from a swipe of your phone. 

While all of these technologies offer a variety of benefits and, frankly, incredible uses that would have been inconceivable years ago, most boil down to one concept - convenience. 

This convenience has spread itself deep within the very confines of where we would typically need it most - our homes of course. 

Today we’ll be covering a few of the many amazing smart home gadgets many consider a must need for their Durham Region home.

The Best Smart Home Gadgets For Your Durham Region Home Video


Smart Home Security Devices 

When paired with convenience, security is more than likely the most important aspect of your Durham Region home.

Starting with home security camera systems - many have cameras installed in their doorbell to watch who is at the door from their home, taking not needing to get up from the couch to another level.

Realistically, this is an essential system as almost long gone are the days of peering through peep holes to see who is ringing the doorbell.

Alarm systems have truly made their way up the ranks of simply being a loud blaring noise that goes off and wakes up your neighbours when someone gets past the front door. 

Now, many smart home systems are equipped with immediately calling police services and alarming you straight from your phone if someone has broken in, especially useful if you’re not home. 

Lighting Up Your Home Made Smart

Many know about the classic clapping to make your lights turn on or off, but how about being able to control that easily right from your phone? No more awkward straining yourself for motion or audio detected lights.

Not only would you be able to turn your lights on and off easily from your phone, but you could have custom designed lights around the house that can be controlled from any room you’re in.

It may be more worth it than you think if you have light dimmers already installed in your home, or you simply don’t want to get up from bed and check the house to make sure you’ve turned off the lights. 

Voice Activated Commands - For Everything 

Everyone knows about the Googles, or the Alexas, or the Siris, but it’s become increasingly popular to have these smart gadgets in your home for more than just turning on the music. 

The ultimate smart home device that ties in all of these gadgets together is the one in which you don’t even have to check your phone at all to make sure the doors are locked or the lights are off. 

By simply setting up your other smart home devices and connecting your voice activated device with these systems, convenience has truly never been this easy. 

By just saying “lock all of the doors”, “turn off all of the lights”, “set coffee to brew for 8:00 AM”, you can have all of your home needs made easy.

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