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So you’re looking to sell your Durham Region home, but you’re wondering how to make the best first impression of your home that you can. 

Step one - curb appeal. Curb appeal makes a significant difference in the chance of your home being sold. 

With a potential increase of up to 11% on the perceived outlook on a home just by doing some landscaping effort - these are the numbers you want to look out for when looking to sell your Durham Region home.

Looking For Ways To Boost Curb Appeal?

We start right at the basics - your For Sale sign. 

Now this may seem as though it wouldn’t make a difference at all however, how many run down or difficult to read For Sale signs have you seen that instantly attract you to a home? Chances are probably slim to none. 

Trees And Shrubbery

While gorgeous trees or shrubbery on your property may seem like it will give a certain charm to your home - it only will if potential buyers can see the home in the first place. Be sure to cut back where it seems necessary. 

New Coat Of Paint

The outside of your home itself may need some upkeep. 

It may seem expensive and not worth the effort right now, however it’s almost a guarantee that a freshly painted exterior is truly an investment for the value of your home. 

Cars will want to stop at the home that stands out to them on the street. 

Invest In Your Outdoor Spaces 

This is usually a need for most potential homebuyers. Beautiful patio spaces with clean decks, cozy outdoor furniture, vibrant flower pots, and more all make for a much more inviting space. 

Remember Durham Region home sellers - you want to make a space your potential homebuyers can see themselves living in. 

Maintain A Fresh Lawn 

One of the first things you will always notice about a home - a freshly manicured, bright green lawn will make for the perfect invitation for any potential homebuyer to truly appreciate and recognize the upkeep and only have the inside of the home to look forward to settling down in. 

So while the idea of taking care of curb appeal may sound like quite a bit of effort for some Durham Region home sellers - it’s worth it once you understand that first impressions make all the difference. 

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