Welcome to our monthly real estate market update for Durham Region! As we delve into the numbers and trends of May 2023, we'll provide you with valuable insights and analysis to help you navigate the dynamic housing market in this vibrant region. Whether you're a potential buyer, seller, or investor, understanding the current market conditions can make a significant difference in your real estate decisions. Curious about how much your neighbourhood's homes sold for? Let's dive in and explore what May had in store for Durham Region!

Overall Market Performance: The real estate market in Durham Region continued to showcase its strength and resilience in May 2023. Despite some ongoing challenges, such as limited housing supply, the region remained…

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Courtice, Ontario rock welcome sign

The small Durham Region community of Courtice is located in between Oshawa and Bowmanville, and, like the latter, is part of the Clarington municipality. 

Courtice is known for its quaint, suburban atmosphere. This community is composed of both residential areas and untouched farmland, specifically in the southern and eastern regions. A large part of the appeal of Courtice, Ontario is its safety and livability, all while being located roughly seven kilometers outside of downtown Oshawa—the largest municipality in the Durham Region.

It’s urban meets rural, and Courtice is a great alternative to life in the bigger cities in the area. Families in particular like this community for the large, beautiful homes, quiet streets, and high number of…

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Aerial of suburban homes and street

The community of Brooklin, Ontario is part of the Durham Region and is found within the town of Whitby.

This historic community has seen a boom in economic growth and development over the years, as many buyers, particularly families, have moved into the area. Brooklin is known for its welcoming community, easy access to major highways, and safe residential neighbourhoods. The community hosts numerous events and festivals during the year, especially during autumn and winter. 

Consistently growing in population, Brooklin offers residents an escape from the big city lifestyle, and instead offers a mixture of suburban and rural living—although you’re never far away from fun and excitement. 

A Long History

Primarily made up of peaceful,…

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Our phones are on us pretty much 24/7. They’re likely the first thing you check when you wake up, and the last thing you check before you go to sleep. Why wouldn’t you use it to make your life easier? 

From transit to food, there are simple ways that you can better connect with your community. So whether you’re new to the area or just spending some time in the Durham Region, here are a few apps that will help make your life more convenient. 

Ridesharing and Delivery Apps

If you’re new to the Durham Region or even to Ontario, you might wonder which apps are most popular for ridesharing and delivery. By far, Uber (and by extension Uber Eats) and Lyft are the most frequently used in the area, as well as DoorDash and SkipThe Dishes. 


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Pickering Bungalow for Sale

New Durham Region homes for sale pop up nearly every day, so there is always something to search for if you're in the market for Southern Ontario real estate. We're constantly seeing new properties that excite us for their ideal locations, great design elements and potential to be a new family home or investment property. From beautiful detached homes to luxury properties and sleek townhouses, you can find a wide range of Durham Region real estate for sale. These are just a few homes that have recently come on the market that we think you should know about.

Beautiful Modern Bungalow in Oshawa

954 Greenleaf Circle, Oshawa

Ideally located in North Oshawa, this beautiful modern bungalow has a wealth of features that will appeal to all…

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Aerial view of Clarington, ON and surrounding areas

Clarington, a portmanteau of the towns Clarke and Darlington, is a collection of urban and rural communities, with its largest being the town of Bowmanville.

Known for being family-friendly, this peaceful and safe Durham Region area has a rapidly growing real estate market. Clarington appeals to those who want to move away from the bustling urban centers of Toronto or Oshawa, but instead strike the perfect balance between urban and rural living. 

The historic communities of Clarington have a lot to offer in terms of real estate—and provide small-town charm that is hard to come by in the surrounding cities. 

Luxury By The Lake

Clarington is composed of a number of smaller communities, some of which are located in prime areas right along…

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Lake view in Ajax in the Durham Region

In the fast-growing region of Durham, there are an abundance of communities that are considered bedroom communities to the nearby Greater Toronto Area. 

While this may be the case for some, it wouldn’t be for the community of Ajax. That of which has been growing in population at a rate four times faster than the rest of Canada over the past several decades. 

With a highly desirable and competitive real estate market, Ajax offers the best of both worlds with very affordable, specious home for families as well as multi-million dollar estates. 

With many opportunities for work in a booming community as well as lakeside living right on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, Ajax truly offers more than one would imagine from a Durham Region city. 

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Rows of real estate in fall in Clarington, Ontario

Investing in real estate always seems like a scary prospect, especially in a global pandemic - but it doesn’t have to be. With places like Clarington in the Durham Region on the rise with real estate and investment in the town’s growth, this is an underrated gem that rivals the prospect of big city investment. 

Investing in real estate in Clarington is truly an investment into your future. Based on the numbers from July amidst the coronavirus pandemic - early indicators suggest the best is truly yet to come for this developing municipality.

Investing in Your Future

With an average housing price of $650,000 - Clarington housing prices have been seeing an astounding 15.2% increase year after year. 

Clarington real estate saw a monumental…

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Creek in rural Bowmanville, Ontario

The Durham Region is just east of the GTA, but it feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto. Throughout the region there are quaint rural communities that are close to nature and exude small-town charm. 

You really get the best of both worlds in the Durham Region because you can live a peaceful life and still be close to urban centres. This is what makes real estate in Durham Region so highly sought after.

If you’re looking for a place to call home that offers a slower pace of life than a big city, these are some of the best rural communities in the Durham Region.


Located on the far eastern edge of the Durham Region, the municipality of Clarington has a great mix of small towns and countryside. It is about a…

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A commute is the journey one takes from their home, to work, and then back home again.

For many people, this is a daily routine and a lifestyle that seems to be becoming more popular as property prices remain higher in city centres. Whether by car or transit, commuting to work in the city from a surrounding community has many benefits.

The Durham Region is a regional municipality in Southern Ontario. Located to the east of Toronto, the Durham Region covers more than 2500 square kilometres, with many large cities located within it as well, like Oshawa.

Living in a major city like Toronto has its advantages, but living in the Durham Region gives residents quick access to Toronto and so much more. Most families appreciate the quieter lifestyle,…

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