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Hosting your first open house can be an intimidating task, especially as the home buying and moving process can be just as stressful. 

What can make it easier is knowing some simple tips to understand how to make hosting your first open house a more seamless process. 

Whether you have a realtor or not helping you throughout the entire experience, hosting your first open house doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems. 

Selling your home can be a truly exciting journey, from finding your dream home to selling your home that you may have lived in for years to the right buyers.

Know Your Facts 

The most important thing to remember when hosting your first open house is to put yourself in the position of potential home buyers that are coming to view your home. 

This may be especially easier than it seems if you are also looking to buy your own home, or have potentially already purchased one. 

Anyone who goes to view a home tends to have a list of questions already in mind, besides the multitude of questions that can pop up when already viewing the home. 

If you’re the one who will be answering questions rather than a realtor, you should be up-to-date on the knowledge of your home, which usually means keeping some papers around to be prepared. 

Potential home buyers may ask questions regarding the mechanics of the home such as how old the systems are that are being run like the air conditioning or furnace. 

Even questions such as how old the basic structure of certain things in the home are such as windows, roofing, if there have been any problems with leakage or pests and more. 

Especially knowing when your home was built, the square footage, and any other more all around questions that most people would ask is crucial.

Make A Great First Impression

In house hunting, everyone knows that the first impression of a home is the most important, and usually deciding factor in whether or not someone may want to seal the deal.

Paying attention to the details that you can change and brighten up around the home can have an impact on both value and viewer impressions. 

Things such as simply repainting certain rooms or the entire home depending on how long it’s been, or even redecorating the front lawn or backyard can leave a substantial impact on buyers.

If you want to make deeper investments into your home to get back more value out of it, there are always bigger projects such as replacing roofing or even cupboards. Especially if you know your home is much older. 

Showcase The Area 

Beyond just your home itself, the biggest factors that influence a potential buyers’ decision is the area or neighborhood in which the home is located. 

For example, if you first bought your home as a starter for a growing family, you may have good schools in the area or access to transit which will help access work or school for the kids. 

Whether or not you know your neighbors or live in a quiet neighborhood are all great points to bring up to potential home buyers, especially if they let you know that is what they’re looking for. 

While hosting an open house can seem stressful, taking the extra steps to put into the home what you want out of it can make for a great outcome in a home you may have invested years in. 

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