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If you’re starting your search for your dream home, conducting market research is an important first step. As you browse through both active and sold listings, you might notice the large number of bungalows in the Durham Region area.

Regardless of whether you’ve considered a bungalow for yourself, there’s a reason for their ever-growing popularity. Let’s look at the top reasons why a Durham Region bungalow is so in-demand.

Versatile Floor Plan

A bungalow is characterized by having a single storey. But what does that mean for the layout of the home? The short answer is this: bungalows tend to have open floor plans, and for many, this makes a space infinitely more versatile. You'll usually find this popular feature in contemporary homes because it allows for a homeowner to combine or change rooms without feeling that a space has a designated purpose that can never ever be changed. 

As an important note, older homes tend to have the distinct separation of rooms—and all the walls that come with that! If you’re searching specifically for an older home, be aware that an open floor plan is not always guaranteed. That being said, you'll also find that a lot of the bungalows in the Durham Region have been renovated to better suit modern tastes.

There is also the accessibility factor of a bungalow. A single storey means that there isn’t a cumbersome staircase that one must navigate, which in turn means ease of mobility around the home. This is appealing to older buyers in particular, but those with young children might also find this feature desirable. 

Large Lot Sizes

While one of the downsides to a bungalow is that you sacrifice potential square footage, many bungalows for sale make up for this by being built on generously-sized lots. 

It is not uncommon for bungalows to come with sizable acreage, depending on their location. Bungalows found in more rural areas, such as in Clarington, can offer buyers large lots with the possibility of expansion.

But even bungalows in high-density residential areas tend to have a lot of space: multiple-car driveways and substantial front and backyard areas are typical of this property type. This makes for a great choice for gardeners and those who enjoy entertaining outdoors. 

Low Maintenance

Although this is dependent on each property, a bungalow generally requires less upkeep than a multi-storey home, as it is only a single storey. Roofs, window repairs, and general maintenance tends to be easier to complete, as well, when you consider accessibility, and necessary repairs happen less frequently.

Southern Ontario is known for its hot, humid summers and freezing winters. However, because of square footage and home layout, heating and cooling costs are lower for a bungalow. This is one of the reasons young, first-time buyers find the appeal in this property type. 

Potential For Resale

As housing prices in Durham Region—and all of the Greater Toronto Area—rise, purchasing a bungalow could be a smart investment. Because of their popularity, their value can be predicted to grow over time, perhaps even at a greater rate than other home types.

In general, property is a good investment. An older bungalow has a lot of potential for those who wish to update or modernize a home. Renovations and upgrades add a lot of value to a property, so you’ll see that reflected if you wish to sell your home in the future. 

The Bungalow Aesthetic

Possibly the biggest draw for bungalows is the way they look. That is, they have a distinctly traditional feeling to them that many people like. A bungalow offers an alternative to the multi-storey homes that are largely being built in the GTA suburbs currently.

And buyers have a lot of choice when it comes to design! New bungalows, such as those in Brooklin, lean strongly towards modern styles. However, many bungalows, located in Pickering in particular, are older and therefore offer a particular charm that doesn’t come with newer homes.

If the bungalow for sale is older and has not been updated, then this presents an opportunity for homeowners to renovate and decorate themselves. Of course, there are also a number of buyers who like the look and feel of an older home and wish to keep it this way—also a great option! 

Are you searching for the perfect bungalow in the Durham Region? We can help! Contact the experts at Dan Plowman and we’ll help you find the bungalow you’ve been dreaming of. 

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