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So you’re considering buying land in the Durham Region. Buying land can truly be a big investment for your future, both if you’re planning on making use of the land yourself or purely for investment’s sake. 

However, purchasing land is a big decision. As knowing the area in which you’d like to buy, why you want to purchase there, and knowing exactly what you want out of the purchase are essential. 

As with buying a home, there are many questions you should ask yourself and be comfortable with before sealing the deal on potentially acres of land. 

We’ve come up with just a few key questions that will be crucial in your Durham Region land buying process, which will make the experience much more seamless. 

Investment Or Living Opportunity?

The very first step in knowing what you’re purchasing land in the Durham Region for is whether you’re simply looking for a long-term investment or a new life for yourself. 

While this may seem obvious, as you most likely know which option you’ll be leading with before you even start looking at properties, the questions that follow are essential.

For example, depending on which city you may be purchasing land in, it’s important that from an investment angle you consider which area will give you the most return on investment in the long run. 

If it’s a developing and thriving city that looks like the more downtown or central areas are getting a revamp in the coming years, that would be the ideal spot to purchase a plot of land in. 

Looking to see future plans of building for which businesses will be in the area, from shopping centres to dining and more, can give you a good idea on what the future of your land may look like. 

This is where speaking with a realtor would very much benefit you, as they can use their knowledge and access information which may allow them to see projections for market value in the area. 

You may be purchasing land to invest in building a home in or waiting to see if other businesses in the area may be interested in a few years time. 

What Kind Of Lifestyle Are You Looking For?

Purchasing land for yourself is a very exciting process, however it can be just as overwhelming if you’re not confident in why you’re buying where you are. 

Buying land near Lake Ontario is very different than in the Durham Region countryside, or even in the city and the suburbs. 

Communicating clearly with a realtor will help you decide the best place to purchase land in. Such as where the best schools in the city are for a growing family looking to move to the suburbs. 

Most opportunities for land purchasing lie in the countryside or what would normally be considered farmland. 

If you’re looking to live a farming lifestyle, it’s good to be prepared with all the extra factors that go into it. 

As buying a home is vastly different since everything is ready for you, if you’re planning for a farm life you have to consider space and storage like sheds and barns to keep the animals. 

Even all the equipment to keep these systems running such as heating and water systems for the animals and potentially even silos or more. 

Purchasing land in the Durham Region can be intimidating, however it doesn’t have to be if you’re well-prepared for exactly why you want to buy the land, and everything that comes with it. 

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