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Buying a Durham Region home for the family can truly be an exciting and monumental moment in your life, especially if you want to buy a home with a swimming pool for endless summer fun. 

However, this also means taking care to protect the family, especially little ones, around the tips for safety around the pool. 

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great excuse to host guests and be the fun home for entertaining in the summers. It’s also a great reason for the kids to be outdoors when the sun is shining. 

Following important safety tips in regard to keeping your children and family safe around the swimming pool will make for a more stress-free environment that you can simply enjoy the sunshine in. 

Keep Equipment In Mind 

While it may not be common, keeping a pool fenced in would be a great idea in the split second times it may take your child to run into the pool unattended. 

Taking the extra step, even if it may not be as aesthetically pleasing, ensures safe summer fun with the kids without worry. 

Keeping your pool covered when you’re not using it can also help when you aren’t directly keeping an eye on the little ones, as they like to wander around.

The younger the child, the more they get distracted they get by the smallest and simplest things. This means keeping toys and inflatables out of the pool when it’s not being monitored. 

Taking this simple precaution means avoiding the potential harm of your child getting excited over seeing something they want to play with in the pool and going right for it. 

All of these little things can also save you the stress of having to look over your shoulder constantly to make sure nothing is going on outside your control.

Communicate Pool Safety With Your Kids

While it may seem like a heavy topic, and one in which you may not have a discussion about, especially if your kids are younger, safety around the pool is essential.

Sitting your kids down and communicating what pool safety means can truly help get it through to them to be more conscious of their behavior around the pool. 

This may mean letting them know not to run around the pool, not to jump in after a toy or anything else that may have fallen, to be careful around the deep versus the shallow end of the pool, and more. 

Take The Kids To Swimming Lessons 

Buying a home with a pool doesn’t just mean wading around for fun if you may not be a fully experienced swimmer. This may work well with adults, but it’s a different case with kids. 

Children learn lessons like swimming best from a young age. It would be incredibly beneficial both from a safety perspective and in the long-term benefit of the important skill of knowing how to swim. 

With the added benefit of swimming, in the potentially very unfortunate case your child falls in the pool, at least they will be better prepared against the water. 

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The best part of your blog for me is when you said that your little ones are likely to wander around, so you must keep your pool covered. With this in mind, I will consider hiring a professional that offers screen enclosure services on Monday. I want to have peace of mind that my four-year-old daughter won't get into the pool without my supervision, so your tips are helpful.

Posted by Shammy Peterson on Thursday, February 16th, 2023 at 8:30am

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