Snowy residential street in Greater Toronto Area

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder! If you’re a Durham Region resident, you know that winters can be tough. From freezing temperatures to heavy snow, a lot of us aren’t looking forward to the season ahead… but we can be prepared for it!

Before the snowstorms and the freezing rain, before scraping ice off your windshield and shoveling the driveway in the morning, there are few things you can do around the house to help with the oncoming winter weather. Here are our best tips for winter home maintenance.

Check All Windows

As a general rule, you’ll always want to check up on your windows. Drafts can cause your heating bill to skyrocket—so you’ll want to take a look every once in a while.

Ensure your windows are…

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Beautiful luxury suburban home with landscaping

Even in the hottest real estate markets, selling your home is never truly easy. There are a lot of steps in the process, and by extension, a lot of things that can cause you some stress. 

If you’re thinking of selling your home, one of the biggest questions you may worry over is, “Will my property actually sell?” Here are a few things you can do to increase the exposure of your Durham Region property—and ensure that it not only sells, but that it sells for the right price. 

Go Digital!

Welcome to the digital age! Now more than ever, people are using social media as a marketing tactic, whether it be for a small business or even selling a home. 

If you’d like to increase the exposure of your Durham Region home for sale, consider posting…

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Suburban bungalow during spring

If you’re starting your search for your dream home, conducting market research is an important first step. As you browse through both active and sold listings, you might notice the large number of bungalows in the Durham Region area.

Regardless of whether you’ve considered a bungalow for yourself, there’s a reason for their ever-growing popularity. Let’s look at the top reasons why a Durham Region bungalow is so in-demand.

Versatile Floor Plan

A bungalow is characterized by having a single storey. But what does that mean for the layout of the home? The short answer is this: bungalows tend to have open floor plans, and for many, this makes a space infinitely more versatile. You'll usually find this popular feature in contemporary homes because…

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Thinking About Buying A Home? Watch This Video First! 

Real estate agents caught on hidden camera facilitating mortgage fraud for a fee

At the Dan Plowman Team, we are so thankful for CBC for exposing mortgage fraud, which has become so common recently. We cannot believe that other brokerages and salespersons would do such a horrendous thing to their clients.

We believe that buyers should be provided with honest and open information about mortgages and the process of purchasing their dream home with the utmost sincerity. At times like these, it is important to make the right choice in selecting a team of local and experienced Realtors. At the Dan Plowman Team, our goal is to continually search for and aspire to the best methods and mindsets…

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Jack-o-lanterns on wooden table with tea lights

Halloween is just around the corner—and there’s much to do in and around the Durham Region to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. From ghost walks to pumpkin carving, there’s something for everyone in the days leading up to Halloween.

For those seeking thrills and chills, and for those searching for something a little less scary, here are our picks for the top 5 Halloween events in Durham in 2022. 

Pumpkin Carving Contest: St. Paul’s United Church

St. Paul’s United Church, located at 178 Church Street in Bowmanville, hosts a multitude of family-friendly events. This year, they’re hosting a pumpkin carving contest—and all ages are welcome! Show your artistic side and create the spookiest pumpkin in all of Durham Region! 

Pumpkins and…

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Clean, modern farmhouse kitchen that has been artfully staged

It’s a big step to decide to sell your home! There’s so much that goes into the process—and a great realtor can help you every step of the way.

For those who want to take more of a hands-on approach to some aspects of selling your home, there are a few things that you can do yourself—such as home staging in preparation for either photography or an open house. Here are our 4 home staging tips that will absolutely wow your potential buyers!

Less Is More

The biggest tip is to declutter your home. Store away paper, bills, knick knacks, personal photographs, and other small items, taking particular care around any desk/home office areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. 

Ideally, you want your home to be neat and tidy, and yet also be as much of a…

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Friends enjoying food at an evening food truck

Craving some delicious eats while on-the-go? Searching for something to satisfy your hunger at the speed of light? Food trucks are a great way to try something delicious while also supporting local businesses.

There are numerous food trucks zipping around the Durham Region. We’re here to give you the scoop on the ones (or entire locations!) that you don’t want to miss. 

Batoota’s Food Truck: 381 Taunton Road East, Oshawa

This one is a bit underrated! Oshawa residents love this food truck in particular for its excellent service and great food! 

Batoota’s encompasses a wide variety of menu options, from Dutch to Egyptian—and even Caesar salads. But no matter what you order, it’s guaranteed to be delicious. Their crowd favourites include the…

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University student friends outside in city

Long hours of studying before an exam. The first difficult presentation in a course. Cheering on the athletes at the big game. For university and college students, this is what post-secondary education is all about—and they’re said to be some of the best years of your life.

But what about the future? Is it a good idea to purchase a home while still getting a certification or degree? It’s not an easy answer. Let’s go over the things you should consider. 

Durham Region Housing Market Analysis

One of the greatest considerations you should take into account before purchasing a home is the real estate market in your ideal area. But here are some of the facts: Durham Region, like the rest of the GTA, has seen housing prices increase over the past…

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Aerial of suburban homes and street

The community of Brooklin, Ontario is part of the Durham Region and is found within the town of Whitby.

This historic community has seen a boom in economic growth and development over the years, as many buyers, particularly families, have moved into the area. Brooklin is known for its welcoming community, easy access to major highways, and safe residential neighbourhoods. The community hosts numerous events and festivals during the year, especially during autumn and winter. 

Consistently growing in population, Brooklin offers residents an escape from the big city lifestyle, and instead offers a mixture of suburban and rural living—although you’re never far away from fun and excitement. 

A Long History

Primarily made up of peaceful,…

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People discussing home selling offer at table

Selling your home is a huge undertaking! There’s so much that goes into the process. But if you find yourself in the fortunate situation where you have multiple offers on your home, what are your next steps? How can you make the best decision? We’ve compiled some important steps to help you pick the best offer for your home. 

Discuss Offer Expectations

When you’re starting the process of listing your home, one of the first things you want to ask yourself is this: What are my offer expectations? What do I hope to sell my home for?

If you have a partner or family members who are involved in the process, it’s important to discuss this with them, too. They can likely provide some additional insight, and you can all get on the same page.

A real…

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